How To Increase Strength, Flexibility, & Fitness While Nourishing Your Immune System, Relieving Past Traumas, & Increasing Your Energy Levels

By Simon Borg-Olivier - MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT

Posture, Movement, Breathing and Mental Control for Health, Happiness and Longevity

We would all like to lead a happy, fruitful, useful life with purpose. We must have a healthy body on at least three levels. Physically, we need a pain-free body that works to do what we need to do. Physiologically or energetically, we need to have lots of energy while remaining as calm as possible most of the time. Plus, we need healthy internal systems of immunity and regeneration. Mentally, we also need to have a clear mind that can process information efficiently and work in a balanced way between rational and intuitive understanding.We also need to have happiness as a default natural mental state.

With gentle meditative posture, movement, breathing, and cognitive control, it is possible to achieve health, happiness, and longevity where your body is pain-free and functional and your energy levels are good. It is possible to heal, regenerate well, and stay young in your body. At the same time, you accumulate the wisdom of the ages with a healthy, moving meditation practice. You can also talk to your unconscious mind, help reset any harmful programs, and eliminate the effects of past trauma. I can help you develop a personal practice that can do these things and tailor it specifically for you.

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