This course is for…
  • People who are prone to have lower back pain

  • People with sedentary lifestyle

  • People who do manual labour

  • People who do a lot of lifting

  • Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers or any teacher of physical exercise

One Time Payment Only.

  • I used to be a gymnast and dancer before I came to yoga. My first yoga class was with Simon in Tel Aviv, and I have never experienced a movement system like his. I have been suffering from back pain for 5 years, but his circular movements don’t just make me feel stronger without feeling stressed out, but made it much easier to do any other movement system and use the Joint Synergy principles in any type of exercise.
    - Tal, 34, Israel

What you will learn….

  • How to release and strengthen the back safely & intelligently
  • How to train your joints & muscles through the full range of motion
  • To develop a strong, mobile & pain-free back
  • How to move from your core for option strength, energy & internal health
  • How to safely develop hip flexibility for the relief of lower back pain
  • How to modify your postures and movements in cases of severe back pain
  • How to do relaxation exercises to relieve lower back pain

Structure of the Workshop

  • Short introduction on the most common causes of back pain
  • Simple methods of posture, movement and breathing that can relieve back pain
  • Safe, accessible and effective posture, movement and breathing sequence practice for back health

Back Pain Relief Program (10 video classes)

PART 1: Introduction & The keys to relieving back pain (18 min)
• What can go wrong with the lower back
• How to engage your core rather than tightening/pulling in the abdomen
• How to help lower back problems
• Precautions if you currently have extreme lower back pain
• How to assess the extent of your lower back pain
• How to breathe

PART 2: Self Traction Therapy (9 min)
How to traction the spine to alleviate lower back pain
Why promoting bloodflow without increasing the heart rate is important for healing

PART 3: Bending Forwards & Backwards Therapy (22 min)
How to bend the spine forward
The dangers of forward-bending motion on the floor
How to bend the spine backwards to relieve back pain

PART 4: Bending Sideways Therapy (10 min)
Relieving back pain with simple side-lengthening postures

PART 5: Twisting Therapy (11 min)
Relieving back pain with simple spinal twisting movements
Summary of the 8 spinal movements to relieve lower back pain and sciatica

PART 6: Releasing your Sacrum (13 min)
How to relieve pain around the sacrum with combined spinal movements

PART 7: Combined Movement Spinal Therapy (25 min)
Movement Pattern 1: Fluid movements combining spinal lengthening and shortening with bending your spine forwards and backwards
Movement Pattern 2: Fluid movements combining side-bending and twisting your spine

PART 8: Releasing your Psoas muscle (19 min)
Psoas-muscle releasing exercise to alleviate lower-back pain – standing postures
Floor postures to alleviate lower-back pain

PART 9: Back Pain-Relieving Practice Sequence (14 min)
Verbally instructed practice of a 4-minute standing spinal sequence elaborating on the work of the whole course to alleviate lower-back pain
Visually instructed practice of a 4-minute standing spinal sequence with voice over explanations of what I am doing
Visually instructed meditative practice of a 4-minute standing spinal sequence

PART 10: Closing Remarks & Additional Material (13 min)
How to work with yourself for practice and in your life
Guidelines how and when to r stretching and breath-control

One Time Payment Only.


  • I’ve been studying with Simon for 9 years and the wealth of knowledge and experience he’s sharing so generously just cannot stop. I have also trained with him and the early morning classess started with joint synergy exercises which were kind of a moving meditation that’s always been more effective for me than sitting ones. And now this has been turned into a whole program that I can practice with Simon from home. I got into the habit of starting my day with joint synergy to energyze myself, but I also do these sequences before I go running or climbing. The joint synergy sequences get me in the zone, I become warmed up and energised and it makes so much easier to do my high-intensity exercise regime.
    - Andrea, 32, UK
  • I have been doing Yoga Synergy for quite a few years, but Simon’s classes and workshop are always so jam-packed with valuable info that it always takes month to digest all the theory and apply it to my practice. And because Simon himself is continually evolving his practice and teachings, there’s always a lot that I still don’t understand, but this Joint Synergy program clarified so many thing for me that I feel I am doing his yoga sequences much more efficiently because of the understanding this course gave me.
    - Leo, 42, Spain

One Time Payment Only.

About Simon

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT has been teaching how to use posture, movement, breathing and mental control for health and well-being for more than 40 years, while also treating people as a physiotherapist. His unmatched wealth of knowledge comes from merging modern medical science with what he learned from great masters in Tibet, India, Japan and China.