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As people age, they start to notice their energy levels drop, injuries do not heal as fast or as completely as they used to, recovery from illness is not so easy, and the tendency to get sick often increases. With age, the body simply stops working as well as it once did. As a result of the physical deterioration, mental health is impacted too, and it becomes much harder for people to find contentment in their life as the years go on.

Most people are familiar with regular exercise, modern yoga, and regular seated meditation, and they can see the benefits from all three. However, exercise often causes stress; most modern yoga does not appeal to modern adults for many reasons (e.g. not flexible enough, not strong enough, not sustainable, too stressful, too spiritual, not spiritual enough, etc.); and many people find seated meditation boring, and it usually does not give the benefits of exercise. This program can give the benefits of meditation (the essence of true yoga) and exercise at the same time.

Also, most people who do exercise may get limited benefits in strength, flexibility, and fitness, but often get long-term problems in the joints and the nervous system. This Joint Synergy practice is ideal for people who would like to get the benefits of a physical movement practice without the risks often associated with exercise.

Length: 5 hours - 17 Videos

What you will learn...

  • A 5-stage movement system for each joint complex

  • How to move a joint in a linear fashion

  • How to move a joint complex in a circular fashion

  • How to relax while moving the joint complex in a circular fashion

  • How to move the spine first before you move any other joint complex

  • How to do these movements in a wave-like fashion incorporated into a sequence

  • How to combine these joint movements

  • 4 visually instructed practices

Joint Synergy

One Time Payment Only.


  • improved blood flow (circulation) while keeping the heart rate low

  • improved strength without feeling tense

  • improved flexibility without intense stretching

  • improved energy levels without having to breathe too much

  • improved overall relaxation levels while engaging in a physical practice

  • improved inner calm and contentment along with the other benefits of meditation

  • improved health of the immune system to recover more easily from sickness or injury

  • improved health of the digestive system so that they can digest food and absorb nutrients more easily and effectively, as well as remove toxins from their body and regulate their weight better improved health of the reproductive system for enhanced sexual function, balanced hormone levels, and greater regeneration of cells in the body to maintain youth and retard the aging process.


  • I’ve been studying with Simon for 9 years and the wealth of knowledge and experience he’s sharing so generously just cannot stop. I have also trained with him and the early morning classess started with joint synergy exercises which were kind of a moving meditation that’s always been more effective for me than sitting ones. And now thsi has been turned into a whole program that I can practice with Simon from home. I got into the habit of starting my day with joint synergy to energyze mysel, but I also do these sequences before I go running or climbing. The joint synergy sequences get me in the zone, I become warmed up and energised and it makes so much easier to do my high-intesity exercise regime.
    - Andrea, 32, UK
  • I was in a car accident a few years ago that shattered my right shoulder and I had to wear a neck brace for month. Recovery was slow, I still have to be careful with what I do and how I do it, especially that I am in my fifties. I used to practice with Simon back in New Town ten years ago, and I miss him ever since he left. But sadly, I cannot do too intense a yoga practice any more. I started doing his Joint Synergy Program that not only helps my aching joints but it also makes me feel stronger while improving my poor circulation. Thank you, Simon!
    - Stacey, 53, Sydney
  • I have been doing Yoga Synergy for quite a few years, but Simon’s classes and workshop are always so jam-packed with valuable info that it always takes month to digest all the theory and apply it to my practice. And because Simon himself is continually evolving his practice and teachings, there’s always a lot that I still don’t understand, but this Joint Synergy program clarified so many thing for me that I feel I am doing his yoga sequences much more efficiently because of the understanding this course gave me.
    - Leo, 42, Spain
  • I used to be a gymnast and dancer before I came to yoga. My first yoga class was with Simon in Tel Aviv, and I have never experienced a movement system like his. I have been suffering from back pain for 5 years, but his circular movements don’t just make me feel stronger without feeling stressed out, but made it much easier to do any other movement system and use the Joint Synergy principles in any type of exercise.
    - Tal, 34, Israel


One Time Payment Only.

About Simon

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc(Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT has been teaching how to use posture, movement, breathing and mental control for health and well-being for 37 years, while also treating people as a physiotherapist. His unmatched wealth of knowledge comes from merging modern medical science with what he learned from great masters in Tibet, India, Japan and China.