Simon Borg-Olivier
(Exercise-based physiotherapist, university lecturer)


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In this course, I will show you how to recover from and/or manage knee pain. My course has a general approach to knee problems, but it also addresses many common, specific knee injuries such anterior cruciate ligament tears, median ligament tears, patella mal-tracking, and muscle imbalances.

In 1985, I had the first of a series of accidents in which I damaged my knees. In one accident I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, my medial ligament and tore my medial meniscus on my left leg. In another accident I fractured my patella and severely bruised my tibia and fibular. With the guidance of my teachers from Tibet, Japan, India and China, as well as with my understanding as an exercise-based physiotherapist, I developed a program that successfully healed my knees and has helped me treat and heal many hundreds of other people.


  • Anyone who has a painful knee

  • Anyone who has a damaged knee

  • Anyone who has a knee with reduced function

  • Anyone with anterior cruciate ligament tears who does not want surgery

  • Anyone who wants a program to help them recover post-surgery

  • Anyone who practices any form or physical activity such as team sports, running, yoga, martial arts, chi gung, dance etc., and who wishes to improve the strength, flexibility and functional ability of their knees.


One time payment only


  • Help you reduce knee pain

  • Help you stabilise unstable knees

  • Help improve knee function

  • Help improve knee flexibility and restore normal range of motion

  • Help improve knee strength

  • Help restore normal function to injured knees

  • Teach you how to co-activate (simultaneously tense) the opposing muscles around the knee joint complex to improve knee stability and promote blood flow

  • Help compensate for the loss of an anterior cruciate ligament by teaching you how to control hamstring muscle activation

  • Help prepare healthy normal knees for intense physical activities


  • Five pre-recorded videos with lifetime streaming access (4 and a half hours)

  • E-book of notes


"I severely injured my knee 13 weeks ago. My MRI showed a ruptured ACL and partial tear to MCL and PFL as well as major bone bruising, leaving me with loss of function and range of movement, as well as swelling to my right knee. This was caused from a high accelerated jumping action on a trampoline as I was performing front flips. To recover from this injury, I have been doing Simon’s knee rehabilitation program. This program has got me walking normally again, moving around carefree with ease and I’m already balancing alone on the affected leg. I am pleased to notice already sufficient stability and fully returned range of motion; flexion and extension. This is giving me the confidence and reassurance that I can move ahead in life without the need for surgery or risk of re-injury. I have also been practicing Simon’s 5-Dimensional Flow practices to encourage blood flow throughout my entire body to facilitate a speedy recovery. Each day, functionality is improving and I am carefully and consciously returning to my original physical activities that I love so much, such as contemporary dance, Hatha yoga and gymnastics; all of which bring joy to my heart and soul."

Jennifer Genest
Professional dancer, Yoga Teacher, Kinesiology Practitioner, Australia


“When I saw Simon for my knee consultation, I could hardly walk, the meniscus tears in both of my knees were creating so much limitation of movement.
I had been to the physio of Cirque de Solei thinking that being an acrobatic injury she would be the ‘bees knees’ for me! :wink: she wasn’t.

What I learnt from Simon was simple effective co-activation exercises that immediately gave me significant increase in movement and decrease in pain.

I consider Simon a modern-day body mechanics wizard. For the last 20 years Simon has taught me how to manage my internal processes in ways that give me a capacity to self-regulate and meet my energy management and vitality goals.

Working with me to reconfigure my knee damage took it next level. The surgery I was required to get, was no longer required, the surgeon said “keep doing what you’re doing” and I continue to use Simon’s exercises regularly to maintain optimal functioning.

These exercises were the foundation of my recovery and gave me the power to feel I could heal myself.

Simon’s wealth of knowledge and experience is incomparable to any treatment I have ever received, if you have the opportunity to work with Simon, you will benefit tremendously, your life will function so much more efficiently because of it.”

Thank you always Simon

Zoe Braithwaite


One time payment only

About Simon

Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc(Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT has been teaching how to use posture, movement, breathing and mental control for health and well-being for 37 years, while also treating people as a physiotherapist. His unmatched wealth of knowledge comes from merging modern medical science with what he learned from great masters in Tibet, India, Japan and China.