Simon Borg Olivier - Yoga Therapy

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Do you have minor ailments or chronic pain? Have you tried traditional western medication and different systems of exercise, but your pain persists?

This thirteen-week online course will ground you in the principles and practice of basic physical (physio) therapy and yoga therapy. The course addresses many of the most common physical problems and physiological conditions of body systems such as the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, renal and reproductive systems.

This course is for you

  • if you are interested in how the human body works

  • if you are a beginner and want to know more about your body, and how to do any exercise more safely and effectively

  • if you are a more advanced yoga practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, or anyone involved in teaching different systems of exercise

  • if you want to help your students manage their injuries and health conditions, and help them practice more safely and effectively, but you don’t know enough about the human body and how yoga can affect it

  • if you want to incorporate the holistic approach of traditional eastern exercise therapies into your treatment or exercise strategy to make them more effective

After an introduction to the principles of diagnosis and therapy, you will be expertly guided through simple approaches and therapeutic sequences of posture, movement and breathing that can help to improve physical problems and energetic conditions of the body.

Throughout the course you will also see the teachers assess and treat many real-life cases with yoga therapy. This course is designed and taught by physiotherapists and senior yoga teachers Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM and Bianca Machliss BScAppSc(Physiotherapy).

What you get

  • 93 sessions (total duration: 36 hours)

  • Unlimited access to the online streaming videos

  • Discussion boards to interact with Simon Borg-Olivier and other students

Simon Borg Olivier - Yoga Therapy


  • A highly experienced Yogi & physiotherapist with a unique ability to effectively communicate the intricacies of breath & physical alignment & how the body/mind/spirit functions.
    - Bogdan Weiss
  • I attended one of Simon’s workshops recently - he is one of the best!
    - Jimmy Wenham
  • He’s one of the last true teachers. He’s a gift to us, and I feel scared about the state of yoga without him.
    - Lauren Fields
  • Simon is the most knowledgeable teacher I have ever met, he teaches in a way that makes learning easy and fun. I loved the first Teacher Training so much I did another training last year. Simon changed my idea of what yoga is and how to teach it and practice. Since doing Yoga Synergy I have been cured of Raynaud's syndrome after over 20 years of poor peripheral circulation. The most inspiring teacher in the world.
    - Charlotte van Bassen
  • The top of yoga teaching! I just love every movement, energy and connection with Master Simon Borg Olivier! I am very thankful and grateful that I had chances to meet him!
    - Georgina Polyak
  • I have known Simon as a dear friend, a yoga colleague and a teacher for 30 years. He never ceases to amaze me with his kindness, knowledge and inspiration. I continue to learn from him -- vast amounts of understanding about the building blocks of life; self-care, understanding the body - there are no words I can use to illustrate the depth of CONNECTION that his teachings bring to all parts of life. And the heart that is behind it all.
    - Mardi Kendall
  • Deep and thorough knowledge of all disciplines relevant to yoga, decades of practice at a very high level and an incredible generosity towards students of all levels. No calculation, political correctness or other superficiality here; this is the essence of yoga taught with joy and with an open heart. Highest respect and gratitude.
    - Stephane Redey
  • Simon has an art of giving, from his heart, mind, and soul. I have been researching the internet, magazines, and books for years in my quest to find the guru who would have the deep theoretical knowledge paired with intelligence practice, complemented by passion, dedication and such an authentic gift as a teacher, as Simon Borg-Olivier, and I can truly connect to. From our first contact, I immediately knew Simon was that guru. His ability to constantly evolve and take his students to higher, purer and more intelligent levels of practice is amazing.
    - Oksana Isavnina

Simon Borg Olivier - Yoga Therapy