Simon Borg-Olivier 7-Day Retreat

19 October - 24 December 2022 & 14 - 20 January 2023

Byron Bay Shire, Australia


My workshops & retreats generally include static to dynamic meditative practices of posture, movement & breath work, including Qigong (chi-gung) and Yoga. They also contain elements of dance, non-contact martial arts, and exercise-based physiotherapy. The general format is as follows:

Morning Sessions:

Morning sessions are usually about 3 hours long. They often begin with some breathwork with sound and chanting, leading to seated meditation practice. Next are joint movements originating from your body's core. Then I usually teach a spinal movement practice followed by some seated breathwork. The morning session usually concludes by integrating these practices into a fluid dynamic meditative session. These practices enhance energy and blood circulation while staying completely relaxed and supporting immune health.

Afternoon Sessions:

Afternoon sessions are usually about 3 hours long. In these sessions, I use the energetic aspects of the morning practice to develop a yoga posture, movement, and breathing practice. This is along the lines of the YogaSynergy system we developed in coordination with our understanding as exercise-based physiotherapists over the last 30 years. These practices build strength, flexibility and fitness while maintaining the energy and inner peace of the meditative state, akin to the elite athlete's zone or flow state.

Each part of the teaching is initially taught with verbal instructions and then repeated as a visually-guided meditative practice to music.

$200 per day (for training only)