84 Postures for Strength, Flexibility, Fitness and Longevity


Originally a biologist, Simon has been teaching yoga for 37 years while also treating people as a physiotherapist. His unmatched wealth of knowledge comes from merging modern medical science with what he learned from the great yoga masters in India.

Whether a novice, advanced practitioner or long-time teacher, you will benefit greatly from this online course. Among others, you will learn:

  • Anatomical precision - Instructions for each main joint complex of the body (eg. neck, shoulder, etc.) to enhance fitness

  • Physiological precision - Guiding principles for an efficient practice on a physiological level (eg. internal organs, immune system, hormones etc.) increasing longevity and emotional wellbeing

  • Knowledge of bandhas – to protect your joints and control the flow of energy in your body

  • Body alignment tailored for individual needs and overall safety


For anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners who want to practice safer and more effective yoga, or want to teach safer and more effective yoga to others.


  • 50 sessions (total duration: 20 hours)

  • Unlimited access to the online streaming videos

  • Discussion boards to interact with Simon Borg-Olivier and other students

84 Postures for Strength, Flexibility, Fitness and Longevity



  • This ’84 Postures Course’ is essential for everyone who wants to gain insight into the gist of the most common yoga postures. I started my yoga studies with Ashtanga Yoga ten years ago, and kept on practicing for years without any anatomical knowledge. I ended up with a bulging vertebra and with chronic pain in my lower back. But since I came across the teachings of Simon Borg-Olivier and have done all three of his online courses – including ’84 Postures’ – I have had a sort of epiphany and finally I have much more sense and discernment about my body. Plus ’84 Postures’ not only enhances your knowledge about the most frequently taught asanas, but also helps you how to teach other people safely and effectively.
    - Erin, 34, Manchester, hobby yoga teacher and dedicated student
  • I started teaching only a few years ago but ’84 Postures’ made me realize how little I know about the methodology of teaching. This course is a must for anyone who wants to be a good, knowledgeable yoga teacher.
    - Melissa, 37, Brisbane, osteopath
  • What is great about Simon Borg-Olivier and how he teaches is that he is always clear and precise about what to do in a posture to suit most practitioners’ needs without making them do anything that can potentially be dangerous. But he is also clear and precise when it comes to tailoring asanas to your own individual needs. ’84 Postures’ will first make your head reel with the barrage of instructions, but when the knowledge sinks in you can become so much more confident both in your own practice and when you teach others.
    - Donald, 43, Adelaide, hatha yoga teacher
  • The ’84 Postures Course’ has made my practice so much more capable: it feels like all my yoga studies before were just some fumbling around in funny postures whose essence I didn’t have the slightest clue of. Simon always encourages you to listen to your body’s real needs, and be sensible about pushing your limits. Not many teachers can make you practice yoga in a way which challenges you, but keeps you in the safe lane as well.
    - Eddy, 35, Perth, ashtanga teacher
  • Doing yoga without any anatomical knowledge of your body and the right instructions in postures is a sure way to get injured. ’84 Postures’ gives you all the knowledge and information about postures you need to do safe and effective practice. And while Simon is a treasure trove of knowledge, he also shares it with such enthusiasm and entertainment that it makes the absorption and digestion of the deluge of information he pours over you much easier.
    - Zoltan, 28, Budapest, yoga student

84 Postures for Strength, Flexibility, Fitness and Longevity