In this course Bianca Machliss and I teach you a general method that you can use for all modern physical yoga to make it safer and more effective. Over a 13 week period you also will be systematically taught a specific sequence of postures, movements and breathing exercises known as the YogaSynergy Fundamentals Sequence. This sequence is the culmination of the 25 year partnership Bianca and I have had together co-directing YogaSynergy, which is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. In this course we explain how the principles used in the YogaSynergy Fundamentals Sequence are general ways of working and can thus be applied to any physical yoga practice. In effect these principles are totally in line with traditional yoga systems. However, when most modern people attempt traditional yoga practices they only have limited success because they do not have ‘traditional’ bodies. People living in ‘traditional’ cultures tend to sit cross-legged when resting or eating, squat easily, and often carry things on their head. This makes their bodies very strong and flexible to the point that most yoga postures do not involve stretching muscles or feeling tense to do exercise. We explain the mostly hidden ways that natural or traditional yoga bodies work and then teach you how to make your practice work in the same way. Most people find that working with these principles means that you can get into postures more easily, feel energised after practice and get strength and flexibility as by-products of a practice that does involve painful or dangerous stretching and does not make you feel tense. The ‘Teacher Training Essentials: Yoga Fundamentals’ online course is divided into 12 main topics, which are ideally completed one a week for 12 weeks. Every week you will receive at least 2 emails with specific instructions on how to proceed in the course during that week and feedback on the previous weeks material. In every topic you will be directed to a streaming video lecture in which a specific aspect of yoga is taught in detail, two streaming video classes (one with Bianca and one with myself), a PowerPoint presentation and reading material from our soon to be published new book ‘Yoga Fundamentals’. Although this course can be very helpful for even experienced yoga teachers it is also very accessible and a great introduction to physical yoga for most people.